other Educational Systems and Programmes in Thailand

Some schools follow the national curriculum of countries other than the UK or USA.  A national curriculum can offer the advantage of following a system close to or the same as the curriculum found in a home country, often making easier a return to the home country school system.  These schools also likely include a higher proportion of families and native speaking teachers from a specific country, thereby providing an extended community away from home.

As with the inspection of any schools, parents are recommended to do their homework by visiting and talking to school administrators about an intuition’s specific ties with a country, including what type of certification or accreditation a school has obtained.  A visit to the country’s local embassy might as well allow parents to learn if a specific school has been listed as a recommended school.

Special support and alternative education schools offer results-oriented developmental, academic and behavioural programmes for children with learning differences, including dyslexia, giftedness, ADD, Asperger’s and other syndromes, in addition to delays in language, social or behavioural development.  These schools provide a supportive, individualized, multilingual environment for students in Pre-K to G12.



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